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It’s easy to lose sight of why you started something without a clear set of objectives lighting your path and guiding decision-making.  When priorities pull leaders in a variety of directions given competing expectations and outcomes at various levels of an organization, it’s profoundly important to maintain clarity on the definitions of success which are most important to achieving the desired goals. This starts with an exercise that few begin, and even fewer follow-through on; clarifying goals and expectations, and reviewing them earnestly and honestly; but intentionality implies clarity of goals and the willingness and ability to follow through, all of which require time, space, and reflection.

More of all three and we’d develop the seeds to accomplish bounds beyond our current realities.


Making an adjustment

March 5, 2014

I’ve spent much of the last 30 weeks focusing on smaller reflections around a verb manifested in my week, and not until recently was I really maintaining an interest in how this connected to the larger theme that I wanted to pursue as a result.  In my estimate, I was getting involved for all of […]

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Loquacitas, Week 29: Release

February 13, 2014

Maybe I took this one too literally. Maybe not.   Either way, when you allow yourself to be consumed by something; when you discover just how enveloped you are in it, I I’m afraid the only way to free yourself is simply to release it. Release yourself from it. I needed to release this week […]

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The Year of Value: Time

February 4, 2014

This week, Claudia checked in about the progress we’ve made thus far around our Year Of project; she asked us to …spend a couple of minutes reflecting on the issue of time and encouraging you to think about how you will take advantage of this gym membership for your soul. I’ve spent a lot of […]

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Loquacitas, Week 29: Envelop

February 2, 2014

What do you surround yourself with? What do you allow yourself to be overcome by? What are you wrapping yourself up in? These were the questions I posed myself as I negotiated this week, and considered how envelop manifested itself. I resisted the urge to get caught up in my inner world, overcoming my tendency […]

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The Art of Leadership: The Team

January 28, 2014

Your team. A reflection of your knowledge, your vision, and your relationships.  Getting the right people in the right place, based on communication and implementing strategy at the right time. Jim Collins calls it “getting the right people on the bus”– John Kotter calls it “building your guiding coalition,”– Kouzes and Posner call it “inspiring a […]

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Loquacitas, Week 28: Establish

January 26, 2014

What happens in the moment before an idea enters our mind? What defines the transition from nothing to something, where a concept only exists in it’s relationship to others before they are combined, reshaped, and turned into something entirely new? I couldn’t help but find myself drifting back to this idea (or those with similar […]

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Loquacitas, Week 27: Practice and the Year of Value

January 23, 2014

2014. Hard to believe that I made it through this year working only on the extension of my previous #oneword to #engage in 2012.  In fact, it seems that along with 2013, I lost focus on a number of pieces of myself; the kind of loss that happens like a droplets from a water tower; […]

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Loquacitas, Week 23: Map

December 16, 2013

Most days I have no control over the way that my brain creates a to-do list; considering the items involved, their relative importance, considering my route that day the dozens of intangible that influence their feasibility, their utility in a broader set of goals, and their immediacy. This week I stood back a little bit […]

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Loquacitas, Week 22: Cross

December 11, 2013

I crossed the country for the first time for work (sort of). I crossed some T’s on selling my car and becoming an *official* DC resident. I became cross with a number of the same processes and representatives of the aforementioned process. I crossed into some new territory.   This week, perhaps I’ll project 2014 […]

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